How To Have Freedom In Relationships?

When I was single, I was free to do this that. And I can easily make decisions to do what I like. In the meantime I felt certain limits, like time, energy and things could to be done alone. After married, things are becoming different. Marriage is more than two persons’ lives. There are many connections related, families, friends, people around, adventures and etc. There are many forces impacting the daily life. I wonder how to have freedom in relationships…According to O&O academy, freedom in relationships is an internal state, we are free of guilt, anger, free of the need to make others wrong or others right, free of the need to please the other or the need to be pleased. It’s conscious freeing yourself from hurt rather than indulging in it for a day, a month, or a year, or even a life time.

Freedom is born of awareness. Living from this place of awareness, you are not looking to be rescued and freed from your suffering.You are not holding the other as a prisoner in your mind demanding them to unlock you from your sorrows, fears and pain.

Freedom in relationships is a gift that can give to ourselves to develop our awareness. It’s Only in freedom, love can take further. In love, there is no fear, no blame. love is connection, love is inclusiveness. Every idea or opinion you hold about the other is only a perspective, and it is not the absolute truth. To relate from this awareness is love.

What is Meditation ?

Meditation is a way to pause, it helps us break away from habitual unconscious thinking, and it leads us to the space of calm and connection.

The freedom in relationships Meditation helps us connect the essence of the life. They help you to consciously bring love to all aspects of life. This meditation is a tool for awakening our love. It will lead you to the sacred consciousness.

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