How Could I Make It Possible To Do One Thing Everyday?

Change comes so fast in modern life that many people can’t handle it very well. Sticking on the plan which you know is significant for your transformation also becomes one challenge since we handle so many different things everyday. Many people asked this question:

How could I make it possible to do one thing everyday?


Through my own practice and experience, there are two ways could help stick on the plan of doing one thing for 30 days, 40 days or even longer…
First, you “sign” it once you’ve done the activity everyday. You may “write” the date or a simple log in a notebook. If you have a system then “submit” the log. This method I use everyday on my daily job.
Second, set a daily “reminder” at the same time of the day. We know it is important to follow up the progress. The reminder you don’t ignore, if you really can’t do at that moment due to other more important things, then set a second-reminder in the same day. That’s called stick-on, right?

Let me know what you think about it.