Full Moon – Be Steady & Breathe Deep

The next full moon on Wednesday 24 October is Taurus the bull. Taurus governs the large intestine meridian and also rules the neck and throat. The large intestines are responsible for elimination and getting toxins out. The breath, especially deep breathing, support the large intestines.

The full moon influence challenges us to be steady without being stubborn. And to be consistent but not rigid.

Physical/Mental Symptoms:

  • negative attitude
  • bowel disorders
  • gum problems
  • nose bleeds
  • aching shoulders
  • toothache
  • skin disorders
  • living in the past

Things to eat: 

  • All white foods – rice, and especially onion, garlic & ginger
  • All hot vegetables, radish, white part of leek.
  • Whole fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Grains, especially rice.

Things to not eat: This is an excellent time to cut down or eliminate eating refined sugar and products made from white flour, like bread and pasta. What other foods are not healthy for you?


  • Hold and massage the index fingers of each hand for 2 minutes throughout the day.
  • Remember you are connected to a higher consciousness.
  • Use the mantra, “Let Go, Let God.”


  • Archer pose is an excellent posture for balancing this meridian. 5 minutes on each side with breath of fire.
  • Work on both the large intestines and the neck/throat: Lying on your back, use your arms to pull your knees to your chest. Then lift your head, nose between your knees. Hold with breath of fire 3-5 minutes, then relax.
  • Alternately you can exhale at you lift the head up and pull the knees down with the arms, then inhale dropping the head down and relaxing the pull of the arms. Repeat this 25-100 times, then relax in corpse pose.