Full Moon – Keep Emotional Stable


The next full moon on Friday 23 November is in Gemini the twin. It governs the stomach meridian. The stomach works closely with the spleen and the large intestines to protect agains illness.

The stomach is the strongest organ so it can take a long time for disease to show up. It is the base for our emotional stability and where you sense emotion. This is a good opportunity to strengthen this meridian to avoid future problems.

Symptoms: An interrupted flow of the stomach meridian.

  • digestive problems
  • addictive behavior
  • stuffy nose/sinusitis
  • Depression
  • Neck/arm/shoulder pain
  • Emotionally feel anxiety
  • Burping
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation


  • Eat yellow/orange food like corn, squash, mango, banana, sweet potato, papaya, cantaloupe.
  • Wear yellow clothes and carry or wear yellow stones like, amber, citrine, and yellow tourmaline.
  • Avoid stress, irregular meals, quick eating, food that is too hot or too cold, coffee, red wine and eating before going to sleep.

Flu/Cold symptoms: Chinese remedy Po Chai works on relieving both stomach and virus symptoms.


  • Yoga mudra is an excellent posture for balancing this meridian.  3-11 minutes
  • Mul bandh, root lock.
  • Any chanting with HAR at the navel.
  • Fish Pose, long deep breathe.
  • Bow pose and rocking in bow while chanting SA TA NA MA.